HVIDE SANDE Shipyard has specialised in building and maintenance of a wide range of vessels. Our experience is well-proven in custom-designed new builds in Steel, aluminium, fibreglass and wood, plus service, repair and our pit-stop service.

A long tradition within shipbuilding and repair

The company was founded in 1950, when the main focus was on building and repairing ships for the local community in and around Hvide Sande. Since then, the company has evolved greatly, and we now design, build and maintain many types of vessels for a wide range of international customers.

Located by the North Sea on the west coast of Denmark

HVIDE SANDE Shipyard has an advantageous geographic position directly by the North Sea on the west coast of Denmark. This means easy access and short sailing distance to installations in the North Sea such as the offshore wind farms Horns Reef I, 2 and 3 or the near shore wind farm, Vesterhav Syd.

“Thank you for your helpfulness and pleasant efforts during our vessels docking at your shipyard”

Shipowner – Norwegian heritage vessel.

New build

Our shipyard provides excellent solutions, and can assist with every aspect of a shipbuilding project from planning, estimates to the building and fitting of the approved project. 

Crew Transfer Vessels

We offer a complete range of crew transfer vessels for quick, safe transfer of personnel and equipment from shore to specific locations at sea.

Our vessels are designed with the emphasis on maximising their seagoing ability and functionality, whilst minimising the cost of maintenance and repair throughout their service life. Through the years, we have developed our skills within different types of vessels, from monohulls, catamarans and trimarans to SWATH vessels. Vessels from HVIDE SANDE Shipyard are carefully engineered based on CFD calculations and model tests.

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We supply vessels for all kinds for demanding jobs at sea. Special purpose vessels from HVIDE SANDE Shipyard are developed for a variety of uses, such as research, surveying, oil recovery, towing, catering, buoy maintenance or offshore supply.

These vessels are designed and manufactured concentrating on their ability to sail efficiently and safely at sea. An intensive design period with drawings, engineering and model tests is our hallmark.

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Our customised vehicle and passenger ferries are second to none and truly taskmasters of the sea, providing reliable service day after day and year after year. Ferries from HVIDE SANDE Shipyard are durable and high quality, requiring little maintenance or service.

We have worked diligently to stay faithful to our mission and to earn our reputation as a shipyard that focuses on improving passenger experience in regard to interior design, catering facilities, easy loading of vehicles, accommodation, safety etc.

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Fishing Vessels

HVIDE SANDE Shipyard has a long tradition of developing and building fishing ships and boats. It was the mainstay of our business when we started in 1950, and we have developed our skills in this field ever since. Our extensive experience enables us to design and build customised fishing vessels that fully meet the demands of the modern fishing industry. As with all other new builds, we work closely with the customer to determine deck layout, carrying capacity, accommodation and equipment to ensure that our customers always get the right solution.

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“I ALWAYS get the best service and the best product at Hvide Sande Steel”

Project Manager from the offshore industry

Maintenance & Repair

Our dedicated employees are specialised in a wide range of conversions including hull extensions, accommodation, machinery, welding, hydraulic installation etc.


We have made hull extensions to a number of fishing vessels as well as other modifications.

If you want to know more please contact:

Service manager
Jesper Vejlgaard+45 5124 5761 or

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Pit-Stop Service

Inspired by the racing car industry, we have introduced a concept in the service and repair division called “Pit-Stop Service”. This service is developed to cater to the specific needs of service vessels for offshore wind farms or oil rigs, especially crew transfer or supply vessels.

Since time is of the essence in this industry, and each vessel only has a few days a year allocated for service and repair work, a flexible and efficient service setup is required to ensure they can resume operation as quickly as possible.

Heritage Vessel

Download PDF Heritage vessels

We have refitted and converted a considerable number of tall ships and other heritage vessels from Denmark, Norway and Germany. Every task is carried out with respect for the vessel’s history, national heritage guidelines and traditions within the field of traditional shipbuilding.

HVIDE SANDE Shipyard employs a number of craftsmen who are specialised in this kind of vessel, which means that we can carry out large projects within a very tight timeframe. Most vessels can be taken to indoor facilities for effective repair and extensive service.

Fulton af Marstal

– et trofast samarbejde igennem 30 år

 Igennem 3 årtier har skonnerten Fulton af Marstal fra 1915 anløbet Hvide Sande Havn for udførelse af kølhalning og livstidsforlængende vedligehold hos Hvide Sande Shipyard.

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Surface Treatment

Our expert teams can execute any kind of surface treatments in steel, aluminium, fibreglass and wood, and can sandblast, metallise and spray paint any job. The department also conducts surface treatment in connection with the renovation of tall ships, painting of containers, construction equipment and any other tasks for the shipping industry.

We meet the strict demands of the offshore industry and work according to NORSOK and C5-M standards.

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Jesper Vejlgaard

Jesper Vejlgaard

Service Manager Shipyard
Mobil: +45 5124 5761



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