New work platform for HangOut

Hvide Sande Steel has just completed the development and production of a new crane-supported work platform for HangOut.

HangOut is a new joint venture between Ziton, which operates four jack-up vessels, and Flexwind, which has a large pool of tools and service engineers.

The new work platform is used both onshore and offshore for inspection and repair of wind turbine blades. The platform, which is closed, allows repairs to the leading edge of the blade in a controlled environment where temperature, humidity and other environmental influences can be regulated.

The platform is used as an alternative to removing the blades and bringing them ashore for repair, which is a very costly operation, and as an alternative to repairs and inspections carried out by repairers with ropes and rappelling gear on the turbine in an open and unprotected environment.

The work platform, lifted by means of a crane, is attached to the blade and can be used in winds up to 14 m/s.

For further information and technical details, contact HangOut or Mads Baden from Hvide Sande Steel on +45 61 62 05 77, or email

HVSA Hangout



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