Autonomous Positioning System

”The next generation of controlling components during lifting operations.”

Hvide Sande Steel hereby presents the ‘APS-System’, a completely new multifunctional tool for positioning and controlling workpieces in the air.

Most people are familiar with the method of controlling material and workpieces during lifting using hand-held taglines. This method can now be replaced by the modern APS System which allows even the largest items to be installed and controlled very accurately, even when confronted with wind speeds of up to 14 m/s, steep mountainsides, high tree crowns and other immediate obstacles to hand-held taglines. The product extends the weather window on multiple sites and reduces the risk of accidents: personnel are no longer required to handle taglines under or near the suspended load, since the parts can now be installed in a controlled manner with the APS System, even in high wind speeds.

Around the world, the market has already welcomed Hvide Sande Steel’s product, which is both developed and produced in-house and which has further contributed to improved safety and efficiency at the many sites where the product is in use.

See the presentation and the videos below for further specifications, as well as our footage taken during wind turbine installations around the world.



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