Fulton på land

The Shooner Fulton is today coming for a planned maintenance on our slipway. The ship is staying at HVSA for the rest of the winter.   Skonnerten Fulton kommer i dag på land til planlagt kølhaling. Skibet bliver på HVSA vinteren over.

ASSISTER from NOS NOS (Northern Offshore Service) CTV ASSISTER was the first pit-stop at Hvide Sande Shipyards slipway in 2019. In 2018 it became 33 pit-stops for NOS, and we are looking forward for a good cooperation this year NOS (Northern Offshore Service) CTV ASSISTER er første pit-stop på bedding hos Hvide Sande Shipyard i 2019. I 2018 blev det til 33 pit-stop opgaver for NOS og vi ser frem til et godt samarbejde i indeværende år.

Floating Sauna

In begining of November Hvide Sande Shipyard and Hvide Sande Seasight has delivered a floating sauna for Oslo Fjord. The sauna is placed by the Opera house in Oslo. The Sauna is designed by the arcitecht duo Zeuthen Stjern, and it can accomodate 12 persons.

HVSA expands the slipway capacity

Due to an increase in demand from the offshore wind sector on slipway capacity for large crew transfer vessels, we have expanded our capacity in this matter considerably, so that now we can handle four of the industry´s largest catamarans simultaneously. We achieved this by rebuilding several of our slipwaytrailers and by expanding the width of our slipwaytrail. In the end, the better utilization of our slipway means faster and better services to our customers which again translates into better overall economy for the vessels. Right now we have four SWATH catamarans from A2SEA and Odfjell Wind A/S at HVSA...

Contract for newbuild for Iceland

HVSA has signed a contract with the icelandic shipping company Hafborg for the building and delivery of a 26 m combined flyshooter and gillnetter. The family-owned shipping company sees father and son collaborating with a little gillnetter and a flyshooter. Those two vessels now will be combined into a larger common ship that will be able to perform both fishing methods. Part of the year they fish from the island of Grimsey from where the family origins. The island is situated approximately 3 hours north of Iceland in arctic waters. The rest of the year they fish at the north...

OV Bøkfjord named Danish Ship of the Year 2016

Our newbuild #133 – OV Bøkfjord – was named “Danish Ship of the Year 2016” at the Danish maritime Fair.

Godspeed to newbuild OV Bøkfjord

Our newbuild no. 133 – OV Bøkfjord – has been delivered to the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket). She has a whole range of innovative features that makes her a true multi-purpose vessel.

Hvide Sande Shipyard welcomes Dyrafjeld

We are proud to have received norwegian training ship “Dyrafjeld” for maintenance and repair at Hvide Sande Shipyard, Steel and Service.
The ketch-rigged sloop is one of the oldest ship in the world.

HVIDE SANDE Steel aquires a new robot welder

HVIDE SANDE Steel has acquired a robot welder. This means a whole new set of options is becoming available for us to serve our customers better.